The Best Liquid Limestone in Perth?

Some of you might be asking, what the hell is liquid limestone? Well you wont be the first. I’d have to admit myself that I only heard about it several months ago. Only ran into this stuff when I moved to my new place and needed some paving done around my pool. Now living in the inner city of Perth, and being used to the city life. I wasn’t the best when it came to doing things myself around the house. I always tend to call for professional help. Anyways, long story short – a friend of mine mentioned to me about liquid limestone. He explained briefly on what it is, and its awesome features. I especially liked the fact that it is cool to walk on during Perth’s scorching summer heat.

I was pretty much sold on the idea. Because it is not a matter of just buying something of the shelf. The liquid limestone needed to be poured and installed by a professional. I mean, you can do it yourself if you know what you’re doing. But me? No way in hell! Hahaha. Anyways I did my research on the internet by searching for the term “liquid limestone perth” and I came across a company called SOS Liquid Limestone Perth. And I am glad that I did. Why? Because I ended up going with them for the laying of my liquid limestone paving around my pool. The finished product was awesome, words can’t explained how happy I was. Hence why I decided to do this post for you all.

In fact, I’d like to think that this is one of the main reason I created this business blog in the first place. To give helpful tips for local businesses in Perth, which also included reviews such as this one. what better way then to give a glowing review and give credit when credit is due right? Damn right!

Anyways, back to this awesome company. What made them so good that I actually took the effort and write about them in my blog? Well, I can write on and on about why they are great in my eyes. But if I did that, this post will never end. And I mean it! So instead, I’d like to nail it down to the top 3 reasons to why I highly recommend SOS Liquid Limestone Perth for any one in Perth considering liquid limestone.

1. Superior customer service

From the moment I was talking to them on the phone, right through to when I say good bye to them. They have always placed me (the customer) first before anything else.

2. Prompt service

Not only they were super nice and friendly. Making it easy to communicate with them. But they were very prompt when it comes to doing the actual work. Turning up on time and finishing as scheduled. Can’t be any happier!

3. quality product and finish

This says it all. They use quality liquid limestone products and the finish is magnificent.

To wrap it up, here’s a quick video I found on the internet showing them in action: