The Best Skip Bins Company in Perth?

My very first review is a dump! No no no, I’m not talking about rubbish (literally) but instead a skip bins company (Wizz Binz) right here in Perth! Like a radioactive substance, this review glows very brightly. So what is there to say about this particular skip bin hire company? Depends on who you talk to. But we’re focusing on the positive, since I’ve personally used their service and in a nutshell; their service is awesome! So this post is dedicated to the company linked above.

Now before I elaborate more about this company, I’d like to say that some readers might say I am somewhat biased; but I make no apologies. Why? Simply because I have, first hand, hired them to deliver a relatively small sized skip bin to my residential home during my recent move. So do I qualify to make this review, hell yeah! Also, to the best of my knowledge; there’s not that many reviews for skip bin hire companies out there in the world wide web. So the fact I am doing one in this post is somewhat groundbreaking! Jokes. I speak loudly when it comes to what I think! It’s just the way I am. Can’t really change that can we?

So here’s my honest opinion on this skip bins company in Perth, and if you don’t agree; feel free to comment below.

It all came about when I need to throw away a lot of my junk out during a house move a couple of months ago. At first, I thought I can get away by simply throwing it in my usual green and yellow/recycle bins. But boy was I wrong! And I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to admit when I ‘m wrong. In this instance, I am openly saying that I am wrong. After filling up my green bin within minutes of throwing away rubbish, I quickly realise that I needed a skip bin. To be honest, it doesn’t need to be a large one. Instead, a smallish skip bin would do the job just fine.

A picture of their bin that I actually got:

skip bins pic

So right away, I was on the internet searching and researching the different bin hire companies that popped out on the results page. Naturally, I compared their listed prices for similar sized bins and Wizz Binz came out trumps. Not only they had the best pricing but they can also deliver the bin as early as 6am! Talk about prompt service!

As promised, the bin was dropped off in my front yard very early the next morning. The guy that dropped it off spoke very politely to me about the dos and don’ts when it comes to skip bins. Long story short, their customer service was top notch. Prompt and friendly. There wasn’t anything to fault. Good service, quality bins and hassle free payment options. With that said, let’s wrap up this review post.

So if you’re looking to hire a skip bin, then I strongly recommend this mob. I loved their service so much that I featured them on my blog!