What Are The Biggest Myths When Marketing A Local Business?

Local Marketing Myths

In 2016 the world has too much information. With the rise of social media and smartphones, fueled by the need to share an opinion and make a mark, valuable information has gone amuck.

In this post, I will cover four common misconceptions about marketing your local business. What works, what doesn’t and I’ll even do my best to cut the fluff.

So without further ado.Here are the four top myths of local business marketing.

Having a website doesn’t make a difference

This myth has been going on too long. Think of it this way. How much would it cost you to have a store that remains open to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week and even on public holidays? A promotion that runs all day every day producing leads and offering your target audience value at any time anywhere?

That is what a website can do for you. In 2016 when everyone is on the internet at some stage in the day, a high-quality website should be on the top of your priority list.

Granted, just having a website won’t bring your business from bust to boom but, in addition to any of the myths we bust below, your website could be the one thing your company is missing.

SEO Doesn’t Work

Does Online Marketing WorkI hear it all the time. SEO is a waste of money! The truth is, it can be. When you pay someone, who has no experience, no proof of their work you’re always going to be playing with fire. If you like to gamble, don’t do it with SEO.

Finding the right online marketing firm can be a headache. Here are three tips that will help you find the best in the bunch, and bring you into the light when it comes to search engine optimisation.

1. Find someone you can meet with face to face. Make it personal and gauge your trust. If they do not have time to meet up, via Skype or in person, they don’t have the time it takes to promote your business effectively.

2. NEVER outsource your work to a foreign company. Unless your dead set on losing money, keep it local. Perth has some excellent marketers that will retain the money in our community, as well as have valuable local knowledge.

3. Forget about the big businesses! I can’t stress this enough. Large companies like Yellow Pages, True Local, and the likes have not got the staff or the hours in the day to do what it takes to get your website ranked. They will list their properties online and provide you with some leads, but what you want here is your own assets (website) in the search engines.

Look for a smaller, more personal company that can dedicate the hours to your business individually.

Paid Advertising Is too Expensive

Is Paid Advertising to expensive

Another myth I hear all the time while consulting is, paid advertising is too expensive.

I agree to some extent. Paid advertising is expensive. But good paid advertising from a company that can help is not. It’s all about ROI. Return on investment. If you get a loan and spend $2000 per month promoting your business is so terrible? The answer depends on your ROI.

If you get $3,000/M back, your winning. Makes sure you pay someone well who knows what they are doing and has a proven track record. Paid advertising is the fastest way to get in front of people who WILL need your service.

Once you have a winning formula and an ROI, all you need to do is scale. Increase what you put in and you will increase what you get back. Every successful company I have consulted with uses some form of Paid advertising when they need an influx of sales, be it Facebook Ads or Adwords its a must!


I hope you have got some value out of this post. I didn’t want to sell anything, Promote anyone or take any of your money. The reason behind writing this post is purely to offer value.

When it comes to building a business it does cost money. There is no question. Using SEO, PPC, and Social Media to rank your local business and gain new traffic is big business and its big business for a good reason.

Thanks for reading, for more information contact us and make sure to come back for more tips and tricks as well as case studies about Perth based local business owners who are making the internet work for them!